He explained to me how to use the machine.

I should've studied harder.


Error never leaves us.

"Are you and Brodie enemies?" "No. Why would we be?"

I'm dissatisfied with my new apartment.

That's the first cockroach I've seen this spring.

Why don't we go to the bookstore on foot?


Last night, I dreamed about you.

I can't face this life alone.

Let's get prepared.

I caught sight of a fly escaping from the room.

Blake was convinced that something was wrong with Shyam.


Gruyere is a Swiss cheese, but it doesn't have any holes in it.

I didn't want to see him again.

Do you want me to carry that for you?


She was trained to be a secretary.


Erik always says hi to me when we pass each other on the street.

Earnie told Tareq that her French was easy to understand.

They do that sometimes.


Edgar asked Mah why John was so unhappy.

It is as good or bad as the man using it.

Dorothy, tell me your email.

Louie doesn't need a haircut.

These are harmful views.

People in the world are always advocating for more freedom and equality.

What do you think of the lack of teachers in schools?


We're staying in a different hotel.

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Rupert phoned just before he left.

Manolis returned from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee and sat down next to Wilmer.

John is an accomplished swimmer.


"What are the twelve signs of the Zodiac, in the order in which the sun passes them by in the course of a year?" - "Um, let me think for a minute!" - "No thinking! It's got to come as quick as a shot!"

Keep as many as you need.

Now look what you've started.

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Would it be fair to say you have a problem controlling your anger?

It's taken us three weeks to fix, but at last our car runs satisfactorily.

Lin gave Evan a push.

In other words, outside of the persons concerned, only one person in Osaka knew about this incident.

We probably won't be able to solve this problem by ourselves.

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"You'll get your clothes dirty." "No worries. They weren't very clean in the first place."

Where's Saiid now?

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.


I'm not frightened of anything.

Suresh was joking.

Sunil is getting loud.

If you act like that, he'll think you hate him.

Walt must be furious with Rebecca.

I don't belong to them.

The bookcase is level with the table.

Here's a novel idea.

It's changed so much, there are some places I don't even recognise.

The more one has, the more one wants.

It's a nice idea.

This book is of great use.

Jenine and Ofer eat steak two or three times a week.


I thought you came to see Winston.

I'll eat my hat if, by some chance, my team loses to yours.

A gentle breeze blew through the field.

Kumi did not make boxes.

I was beginning to have my doubts.

Jiro seems to have missed the train.

You really have an ear for music.

Who's Jorge and how does he know me?

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.


We want to know what happened.

Luke worked at a hospital.

I was born in Tokyo in 1968.

Elsa got angry at the children.

I'm so full.


Deirdre was sent home.


Sriram wiped the sand from her legs.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to live with you.

Why don't you want to come with us?

I make a lot more money than he does.

I'll tell you what's going on.

Norma won the pumpkin-carving contest.

This is exactly what I wanted to see.

To tell you the truth, it didn't taste that good.

Summer has arrived at last.

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May I put it here?

That's what happened to them.

You haven't seen Edith, have you?


He speaks Chinese fluently.


You never know.

Mother asked us why we had done that.

There is only one true gnosis: that I percept what I percept.


Afterburners are only used on supersonic aircraft like fighter planes and the Concorde supersonic airliner.

It's too early to know.

I think that he is from Germany.

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She turned away in horror at the sight of blood.

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You should've told Leigh your name was Amarth.


We're not all that stupid.

Alejandro persuaded Sho to sell her motorcycle.

Emotions are contagious.


Brodie believes him.


Judy is a very clever student.

She's far more experienced than me.

Panos and Terrance went out for dinner.

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Can't this wait until things are back to normal?

Right after my arrest I was interrogated several times.

That man said his name was Petr.

Did you have a good time this afternoon?

What's wrong with me?

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That would be very nice.


"How was the test?" "It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be."

Stuart doesn't like beef.

This necklace of Jane's is a gift from her grandmother.


Alf and Spass walked down the path, holding hands.

Fred may have said that.

One of Wendy's problems is that he can't read.

I'm getting sick and tired of this.

I heard him sobbing.

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Hungry and thirsty, we at last reached the inn.


So what's your dilemma?

Check that out.

I'm going to explain it once more.

"So, said Ethel in a changed voice, you came only for my father." The young man lowered his head, for these words seemed very unfair to him.

I forgot to call you.

Sorry. The train was late.

He is a professor of economics at Hyogo University.

Don't throw bones to the dog!

People need to enjoy themselves.

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This building is off limits now.

Brent interpreted for me.

The smell was unbearable.

Whoever studies hard cannot fail to succeed.

My father contracted pneumonia last month.

You should not break your promise.

Her sons as well as she were happy.


When do we leave?

I think I found a problem.

The sun caressed his body.

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Sit back and listen.

Thank you very much for everything.

There's a two hour time difference between Buenos Aires and New Jersey.

Why do you want the world to know about Japanese gardens?

Are you freaking crazy or just plain stupid?

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I won't let him go there.

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The sky was as clear as ever.

It's too early to decide.

These dresses are too large.

They all stood for MRA.

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.

I'd love to come and visit if I had the time.

If I were healthy, I could go on a hike.


Whales feed on plankton and small fish.

I'm still studying French with Masanobu.

I love you... as a friend.

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Hi. If I'm not mistaken, you're our new neighbors, aren't you?

Draw a line with a ruler.

I have dinner with Taninna almost every day.

That was all Dick needed.

Mikey loves humanity.

I am talking with Dick.

We need to talk about what happened tonight.


I'd like to ask you for some advice.

They advanced on the town.

Watch out for cars when you cross the street.

It looks as though Pilar is waiting for something.

Shane looks absolutely horrified.

Kenji is always the first to come to school.

You'd better hurry.